4 Green Toys to Make 2014 Easier

Designers are coming out with all sorts of cool, environmentally friendly products. Here are just a few of the ones we liked:

1.    Lumio Book Lamp:

This one’s pretty cool. It’s a “book” with wooden covers that has LED lights inside, which turn on when you open the covers. The further your open it, the brighter it gets (way brighter than your iPhone). And it has a rechargeable battery that lasts eight hours.

via designboom.com


2.    JOOS Orange:

This is one heck of a solar charger. Not only is it durable, fast and waterproof, but it even catches the sunlight in shade and light rain. All you have to do is stick it in the sun and it can charge your electronic immediately or store the energy for later use.

via blog.gogreensolar.com

 Source: http://solarjoos.com/products

3.    Poquito

Save a cow and buy a poquito! The wooden wallet is small but can carry card, cash and coins. It’s also hand polished so it looks sleek.

via assets.inhabitat.com

Source: http://inhabitat.com/poquito-a-solid-hardwood-wallet-that-also-keeps-your-coins-secure/

4.    Dockit

The Dockit is a new home for your iPhone. Made from ec0-friendly bamboo instead of your usual metal or plastic, it can be hung on the wall or stand by itself and each one has a cute stick figure design skating, surfing, or biking, all incorporating the phone’s charger.

via assets.inhabitat.com

Source: http://inhabitat.com/ruphus-rocks-the-world-of-iphone-accessories-with-eco-friendly-dockit-and-podpad/

So which one are you going to start saving up for? What are some cool, green products you already have?

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