4 Tips for Biking to Work (Harry Potter Style)

In honor of Bike to Work Day, we thought we’d lay down some tips for those of you who are new to biking to work or school. Changing up your transportation can sound a little intimidating and time-consuming, but just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Plan Ahead.

A little prep never hurt anyone! Make sure your bike is in top shape—no one wants a flat when they’re on a time crunch. And if necessary, bring a change of clothes just in case the ride is more intense than you think it’ll be.

2. Give Yourself Time.

If you’re going from driving to biking, you’re obviously going to need a little more time. Leave earlier in case you run into any obstacles.

3. Eyes Up!

When you’re on the road, stay alert! It’s best to assume that none of the drivers see you, just to be extra safe. Look over your shoulder before merging and be extra careful at intersections.

4. Secure Your Ride.

Congrats! You’ve reached your destination. Now make sure to lock both your wheel and bike frame to something that can’t be moved around. Bikes and bike wheels get stolen quite a lot, and who wants to deal with that?


All in all, just remember to play it safe and have fun not paying for parking, gas!

How do you get to work and school? Let us know in the comments.


Source: http://grist.org/list/how-to-bike-to-work/




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