4 Ways to Get Your Indoor Garden Started

With the crazy Georgia weather, you never know when the right time is to start planting your flowers and veggies. Lucky for you, here are some tips on how to start your indoor garden successfully and with upcycled objects you can find around your house—so start digging in your recycle bin for:

1. Newspapers

—because they’re so easy to come by and make great makeshift pots. Just fold it into a pot and staple the bottom. You can even put the whole thing into the ground once the weather outside is right.

via instructables.com

2. Egg shells

Once again, super easy to come by and they made adorable pots because they’re so tiny. Just fill in a half shell with the seeds and soil and poke a hole in the bottom for drainage.

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3. Yogurt Cups

This is a great way to reuse those plastic cups: just like egg shells, fill the cups with soil and seed, poke a couple holes in the bottom, and move them into the ground when it’s warm enough. You can wash and keep the cups to reuse them again and again.

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4. Paper coffee cups

This is another great item you can find everywhere and reuse. When the plant is ready to go into the ground you don’t have to take them out of the cup, just cut off the bottom and stick the rest into the ground.

via instructables.com

What are some other everyday items you can use as makeshift gardens? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


Source: http://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/diy-seed-pots-common-household-items-starting-seeds-indoors.html

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