4,000 MPH.

Commuting is stressful. It can take hours to get to a certain destination because of traffic, and a plane flight is obviously much faster (if you’re going around the United States, state to state) but it still takes around five hours to get from East Coast to West Coast. And burns a ton of harmful jet fuel along the way.

But what if that took only a few minutes?

Say hello to the Hyperloop System.

This is a project that is currently being worked on by Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and it is essentially a tube transport system which would allow passengers to travel at extremely high speeds. The way it would be built is through a magnetic levitation system, similar to high-speed bullet trains. It would consist of “capsules” for six passengers and travel up to 4,000 MPH.

The best part? It would cost a fraction of what it would cost to make a high speed rail or a freeway. Tickets would be around $100.

How is this important for the environment? Well, less time being spent in commute (score!) means fewer resources lost. Plus, because it will be built off of a magnetic levitation system, it uses less fuel than what a plane would use. Double whammy.

What is your opinion of the Hyperloop System? Do you feel it is necessary? Will it make a positive impact on the environment and populations all over the world? Tell us what you think in a comment below.

Source: http://www.industrytap.com/la-to-nyc-in-under-an-hour-hyperloop-system-will-let-you-travel-at-4000-mph/10194

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