5 Bike Friendlier Cities Than Yours

What’s cycling like in your city? Is it a novelty? A nuisance? Or has it moved into the mainstream? Check out these cities that have made biking a priority:

1.  Portland, Oregon

Not only do they have a ridiculous amount of bike paths (180 miles on streets and 79 off streets!), but they were also the first state to start “bike-commuting trains” for elementary school kids.

2.  Minneapolis, Minnesota

In 2011, Minneapolis completed a 4.25-mile bike freeway. That’s right—no cars allowed—making commuting greener AND safer for the biker population.

3.  Washington, D.C.

Not only do bikers in the capital get their own lane, they get barriers from the rest of the traffic to keep them safe.

4.  Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City turned an elevated railway into a bike path and started “Chicago’s Bike the Drive”—an annual event that allows cyclists to go down the 30-mile long Lake Shore Drive without any noisy cars for disturbance.

5.  Arlington, Virginia

This is what Atlanta needs—in 2010 Arlington’s residents took up a 30-day car-free challenge. If they made it for all 30 days, they won a bike!


What are some ways Atlanta could use a bike makeover? Share your ideas in the comments!


Source: http://inhabitat.com/pilus-energy-uses-bacterial-robots-to-turn-sewage-into-electricity-water-and-biogas/

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