5 Ways to be a Green College Student


So I imagine that many of you guys are about to start college. If you are a reader of OnAir, then I’m also sure you are like us where you try to find ways to be more green in everyday life. That being said, have any of you researched local universities that implement going green into their campus lifestyle? For example, Emory University in Decatur, Georgia has made several big steps to be a more green campus.

However, what if the university you’re choosing to go to isn’t necessarily the best at being green? No worries, we have some suggestions for you future freshmen!

  1. Go thrifting! We’ve mentioned this before; it’s better to use what has already been produced, right? Plus it’s cheaper and you have an edgier wardrobe as a result.
  2. Buy used textbooks! Save your trees, people! Used textbooks are so much cheaper than new ones. Plus, the oldest textbooks already have highlighted points and annotations in the text! And who buys new textbooks anyway?
  3. Unplug! Do you leave your charger(s) plugged in even when they’re not connected to your laptop/cell phone/iPod/light saber? That takes up a significant amount of energy even though they aren’t being used.
  4. Save water. This should be obvious; you don’t want an insane water bill the first month you rent out your new place. A way to help your bill and the environment is by taking shorter showers and washing full loads of laundry.
  5. Walk, bike, or use mass transit to get to school. Live a mile away from campus? Then there is clearly no need to use your car. Using your car adds to pollution and wastes gas. You live near campus for a reason! Oh, you don’t live near campus? Use public transportation! It’s one less headache you will have to deal with when you’re filling up your tank every week, and you don’t have to sit through traffic. Or worry about finding a parking space. Are you seriously still holding those car keys? Put them down.

What are some other ideas you have to go green? Are there any practices you currently partake in and want to take with you to college? What colleges do you know about that have taken big steps in going green? Let us know in a comment below!


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