5 ways to upcycle a soda can.

It’s common knowledge to recycle soda cans. But what about upcycling them?

Glue baubles onto soda can tabs and then glue the tabs onto a mirror. (Photo:chromeskies.com)

Pretty, right?

Here are five ways you can upcycle your soda cans. Click on the pictures for the DIY step-by-step.

Landscape art – If you cut the top off, and then split and wing out the sides, you can paint it to look like a sun or a flower. Plus, it looks super retro.


Double duty hanger – Running out of space in your closet? Take the tab off of your soda can and put one hole through the hook part of the hanger, and hang another hanger onto the other hole. Voila.


Pop tab baubles – Need to prettify something old yet useful? Use soda can tabs to glue gems onto, and you have a nice base to decorate stuff with. This is useful for mirrors, napkin holders, and anything else.


DIY coasters – These can look really nice, when done correctly. You can cut them into squares and frame them, and paint them with pretty designs.

Soda can votive holder – This looks really beautiful, and can brighten up your home instantly.

And there you have it. Have you upcycled any basic items? Share your ideas with us in a comment below.

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