6 Environmentally Friendly Celebs

Here are six of our favorite actors, musicians, and heartthrobs who are doing their part to keep the world a beautiful place:

1. Drake:

Drizzy has been making moves – in his eco-friendly tour bus!

When traveling between cities to each and every sold-out show, Drake is riding in style in his biodiesel-fueled tour bus. He also makes a special effort to stop at recycling and compost stations along the way. Even on a small scale, Drake is ensuring to use only biodegradable cleaning supplies, and merchandise made with sustainable materials.

2. Emma Watson

Emma shows off her first earth friendly clothing line “People Tree”

Now that this superstar is finished constantly bailing Harry and Ron out of trouble, this British actress is going to continue doing things to save the world (even without magic). Post-Potter, Emma has become a fashion icon for young adult women all over the world. Her biggest cause is organic and fair trade fabrics used in the fashion industry. Emma just launched her new line of organic clothing, Pure Threads, in collaboration with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti.

3. Justin Bieber

Its no wonder teenage girls swoon for him, especially with that sweet electric car of his!

 We all have a little bit of “Bieber fever,” but this teen heartthrob is doing more than just making teenage girls across the country melt. For his 18th birthday, the Biebster got a Fisker Karma, an electric and solar-powered sports car. While we may not love his recent paint job, we think that’s pretty crush-worthy.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is one of our most earth concious celebrities.

Leo has made quite a transition since he hit it big as the hopeless romantic in Titanic (1997). He has played nearly everything under the sun in his career on the big screen, but what a lot of people don’t know is how he spends his time away from the camera. He not only drives a hybrid, uses solar panels, and flies commercial, but take just one look at the superstar’s Facebook Page, and you’ll see all of the great environmental causes he is involved in! He supports everything from marine life preservation, to climate change awareness, to fighting world poverty.

5. Natalie Portman

Long time vegetarian Natalie Portman is an avid animal rights activist.

In the past few years we have seen many sides of Ms. Portman. Between her award-winning role in Black Swan (2010) and a more fun side in Your Highness (2011), Natalie has been all over the big screen lately. However, did you know that in 2007, Natalie trekked to Rwanda with zoologist Jack Hanna to film a documentary about endangered gorillas? Portman is also a long-time vegetarian and animal rights activist.

6. Brad Pitt

Brad is just one half of America’s favorite power couple (who happen to be very eco-friendly), “Brangelina.”

We all know about Brangelina’s preference to adopt refugee children, but this half of America’s favorite power-couple is involved in some other very cool initiatives! For example: Brad’s Make It Right Foundation is helping to rebuild New Orleans’ 9th Ward with 150 eco-friendly houses using green technology.

Well, there’s our list of eco-friendly celebrities. Did we miss anyone? What is your favorite celebrity doing to go green?

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