6 Insanely Awesome Bikes

Clean commuting. It’s the cat’s pajamas.

We know you’ve all been hustling to run errands, filling your cars to max seating capacity, and pedaling your hearts out all for the sake of clean air. We appreciate that, we really do (and so do your lungs).

As a thank you to you pedal-pushers and other clean commuters, we’ve put together a list of dreamy bikes that we know you’d love to get your hands on. Some of them are just concepts, but others are fully functional. You could even buy one…if you had Bruce Wayne’s credit card.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne, he – er… Batman – would probably love this ride: The Stealth Bomber. This electric bike would look great speeding down the streets ofGotham after the Joker. But in all seriousness, this bike is more than a fictitious prop. The electric cycle tops out at 50mph off of the battery, and can go even faster when you start pedaling.

You’re drooling. Stop it. We know the bike is beautiful, but it’s not polite to stare. The Aston Martin One-77 (why yes, they do make luxury sports cars) is a bicycle fit for James Bond. It’s considered one of the most high-tech bikes on the market featuring a high-tech computer system, complex array of sensors, and a carbon fiber frame to keep the weight down. So start saving—just $39,000 and it’s yours. (You’d better get an excellent U-lock.)

No chain? No problem. The CERV (continually ergonomic race vehicle) concept bike has no chain, and changes shape as you ride for the most aerodynamic position. Not to mention, it doesn’t have a front fork. Look out the CERV at the Tour de France in the next few years.

The Fliz Bike is hardly a bike at all. It’s more like something out of the Flintstones (in terms of foot-power, not rudimentary design.) The only components that this baby has in common with your everyday bike are wheels and handlebars. No chain, no seat, no pedals. Just get a running start and glide your way to wherever you’re headed. Good luck getting uphill, though.

The Audi Wörthersee e-bike is another sleek and stylish electric bike. Looks pretty sweet, but where do you sit?

The sleek, artistically crafted Axalko wooden bicycle is carved from Spanish ash wood. It’s light weight, super speedy, and looks great too. Just don’t go riding through any fires.

Let’s just get one thing straight. Biking is cool. It doesn’t matter if your cruising in a tricked-out, swagtastic, speed machine, or if you’ve dusted off your dad’s old 10-speed from the 80’s. Either way, you’re keeping our air clean, and lookin’ great doing it.

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