6 Useful Things Upcycled from Trash

There are plenty of ways to create really cool, useful things from old stuff we don’t need anymore. These are just a few of the creative upcycled objects we liked.

1. Jewelry from magazines

via inhabitat.com

Instead of throwing away old magazines, this company based in Swaziland decided to convert them into beautiful jewelry. And even better, the women who are making the jewelry are learning a new craft and earning an income for their families!


2. Lamps from candy dishes

via inhabitat.com

Candy dishes can be used for more than just sweets, but we bet you never thought of turning them into lamps.


3. Drums to mirrors

via inhabitat.com

It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot to do with a drum once it breaks, but why not turn it into a mirror?


4. Flip flop Art

via cnn.com

Not only are these guys making super adorable animal art, they’re also cleaning up the beaches to do it! The company, Ocean Sole, works on clearing up East African beaches of cast-off flip flops and turns them into colorful jewelry and sculptures.


5. Old ladder into a bookshelf

via boredpanda.com

The standard bookshelf can get old, so upcycle that into something else and use a ladder instead.


5. TP rolls into an organizer

via instructables.com

Yes, even these toilet paper rolls are useful. They can store basically anything and are super easy to come by.


What are things around the house that you upcycle? Share your ideas and pictures in the comments!

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