7 Types of People Who Would Enjoy Electric Bikes

If you’re looking for something a little more than a bike, but a little less than a car, an e-bike might be just right for you. Here are 7 kinds of people who would enjoy an e-bike. We all know that one guy…

1.       The Fashion-Conscious  

You can’t deny that e-bikes are getting more attractive. I mean, we went from this in the 70s 

to this in our time:








2.       The Environmentally Aware

Replacing a car with an e-bike means all that pollution that would’ve gone into the atmosphere, well…doesn’t. That’s what we call an eco no-brainer.

3.       The Broke Student

When you’re broke, everything sounds expensive- including an expensive e-bike. But you know what else is expensive? Gas and tune-ups! Two things you don’t have to worry about when you’re biking around, frugal-style. There are also cheaper e-bike options from prodecotech.com .

4.       The Couch Potato

The idea of regular biking may seem like a drag to the couch potato, but e-bikes help you pedal so you don’t have to work as hard!

5.       The Family Guy

With that extra pedaling help an e-bike gives, riding along with someone is much easier than a normal bike. And while you can have a passenger in your car, there’s no replacement for the fresh air you get.

6.       The Outdoorsy Folk

These guys already love biking. An e-bike just makes their experience more enjoyable. Less sweat means more energy to take in your surroundings!

7.       The Ones Who Want to Start Working Out

If you’re lacking in lower body strength, no worries! Biking is a workout AND fun. And e-bikes used to be too clunky (did you see the battery on that 1970 model?!), but now they’re light enough to carry without a struggle.

There you have it—the 7 people who would enjoy e-bikes. Which one are you?


Source: http://www.treehugger.com/bikes/why-you-havent-bought-electric-bike-yet-and-five-good-reasons-you-might-soon.html


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