8 Sustainable Hobbit-Sized Homes

There’s been a lot of hype about tiny, yet comfortable, sustainable homes lately. And when you take a look at the eight we’ve rounded up for you, you’ll see why. Too cute!

1. The flat-pack house

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A cheap $30,000 nomadic home that uses solar energy, collects rainwater, and reuses grey water? And it’s all shipped to you in a box. That’s pretty awesome, you have to admit.


2. The winter retreat

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This mountain getaway in Chile has a gorgeous 180 degree view of the forest and allows natural ventilation to its visitors.


3. The between-buildings micro-house

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This is one of the most clever because it puts all that empty space between buildings to use—and just look at that layout! It may be tiny but how many houses have rock climbing walls and hammocks in them? It’s like living inside an obstacle course.


4. The (tiny) writer’s getaway

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This 8×5 mobile home is completely insulated and totally cozy thanks to all its colorful accessories.


5. The woodland cottage

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This cute and spacious place in Oregon was build all from salvaged wood and materials found at a recycling yard. The builder was inspired by Japanese architecture and plans to go a little further with the theme by planting bamboo around the cottage.


6. The Pole House

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This design shows that you can live sustainably, comfortably, and in style. The Pole house is tall rather than wide, so cutting down trees to fit it into the landscape isn’t necessary. It would also have LED lighting, radiant floor heating, and use daylight and natural ventilation.


7. The off-the-grid cabin

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This cute little place in Utah uses rainwater, a propane heater and shower, and a solar composting toilet. All built under $2000.


8. The green mobile home

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This converted vehicle makes living in a truck look bearable (and even desirable). With solar panels and water tanks, this mobile home is transportable and green!



Which one of these adorable hobbit-sized homes is your favorite? Which would you want to live in? Let us know in the comments.

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