A Breath of Fresh Air for Astronauts and Miners alike

Hey Everyone!

As you should know by now, I’m really interested by NASA and their many projects. Well, this week I decided that I wanted to discuss one of their newest projects with you guys! This might be my favorite project/lab I’ve read about and researched so far!

Astronauts, as you know, work in highly hazardous conditions. Thus, a new team at NASA has been working together to figure out how to combat the life-threatening gases astronauts must worry about and create new ways to enhance safety for the agency’s future human spaceflight endeavors.

One of the new items that the team has begun utilizing in tests is a smaller, biomedical “liquid air” bag called a “Cryogenic Refuge Alternative Supply System” or CryoRASS for short. These nifty bags have the potential to store more than twice the amount of breathable air than traditional compressed gas systems previously created and utilized.

Despite the obvious need for something of this ilk, funding for the project testing has been limited. That is until the “National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health” (NIOSH) provided funding for NASA’s projects. Why, you may ask? The two groups are hopeful that these bags could not only change the way astronauts live and work while in space, but also for those a little closer to home- coal miners. This new cryogenic technology is most recently being looked at in terms of rescue operations for miners.

Saving the lives of those who work in such dangerous conditions as do miners and astronauts surely should be important to us. This is why I think this project is so interesting and relevant to all of us- these bags are not just a commercial necessity, but also could be highly important for future crewed missions to outer-space. Although cryogenic research is not a new thing, these smaller bags seem to be making a big fuss in and out of this world.

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