A Re-do On Landfills

Compost center and city park in one—that’s what the Green Loop idea has in store for New York City. The Green Loop is one architectural group’s idea of solving NYC’s landfill problem.

Right now, New York takes all 14 million tons of garbage it produces each year into landfills out of state. The Green Loop would be a hub of five composting centers in each of the city’s boroughs.

via inhabitat.com

Each composting center would have a public park on the roof. Which would be used for educational facilities, gardens, bike paths—the possibilities are endless!

via inhabitat.com

Having the parks spread out means there’s a fair distribution of the waste, instead of it all piling up in one place. That also means garbage trucks could dump at the closest landfill instead of driving from across the city (or even out of the state), which means less vehicular pollution and traffic.

What would you do with the green space on top of the composting centers? Let us know your thoughts!


Source: http://inhabitat.com/nyc/could-present-architectures-green-loop-composting-park-concept-be-the-future-of-nyc-sanitation/

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