A sky full of stars may be closer than we hoped

Remember the movie Avatar? The one about the strange planet with the beautiful views and glowing trees?

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Now imagine that here on Earth.

Scientists have discovered that putting gold nanoparticles into tree leaves can cause them to glow red. That means we might be able to depend less (or not at all!) on electric lights. Electric lights are bad for us for many reasons—they waste energy, disrupt the natural day/night cycles of animals (and humans) and cause light pollution, which stops us from seeing the beautiful night sky.

But we still need lights to guide us and keep us safe during the night. Using trees as lamps at night would promote tree planting (ahh, more fresh air to breathe) and would lessen the amount of light pollution we give off.

So cross your fingers and look forward to stepping outside of your house and seeing this instead of a streetlamp.

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Source: http://inhabitat.com/gold-nanoparticles-could-transform-trees-into-street-lights/#more-184624

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