AirHealth Report

Have you ever consider the effects that air pollution has on your health or for that matter the health of anyone? I know we have!

Air pollution and poor air quality can be harmful to anyone’s health, especially children. Did you know that the primary target is the respiratory system? It also affects the heart and the immune system.

The short-term effects of air pollution on health are better understood than the long-term effects, although evidence suggests that children with frequent exposure to air pollution have increased chances of developing asthma and decreased lung development.

Its crazy how air pollution can do all of that – affect you respiratory system and decreased lung development!

Did you know that smog can also trigger asthma attacks? In fact, it is the most common chronic illness in children in the U.S. Asthma can cause inflammation in the airways that results in swelling , a tightening of muscles around the airways and increased production of mucus.

Who knew that air quality and you health were so connected? What can you do to protect your health?


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