Apple’s iOS6: Fancy or Flop?

On Friday, September 20, Apple’s sixth iPhone (the iPhone 5) went on sale at 7am nationwide. As with the last five iPhones, hordes upon hordes of eager Apple devotees flocked to their nearest Apple or wireless stores, many camping out the night (or even days) before to make sure that they get their hands on the newest, shiniest gadget before it sold out.

Accompanying the release of its newest gadget, Apple also released its newest mobile operating system earlier in the week: iOS6. The new operating system boasted several awesome features, including a broader functioning Siri, faster load times, and a brand-spanking-new maps application, that (finally) would offer turn-by-turn directions.

Close-up of the  iPhone 5.

But for us clean commuters, you may have already heard that Apple maps had a major shortfall: no public transit directions.

So, yeah, that’s not cool for those of us who take transit and rely on our iPhones to help us correct wrong turns. iOS6 doesn’t leave you completely high and dry, however; It does tease you by offering a “get transit directions” button, which then prompts you to download a third-party public transit app you may (or probably don’t) have. This is what you’ll see:

The Apple maps transit directions actually route you through other apps.

So there’s going to be a getting-used-to-it period. Needless to say, we all loved Google maps. They offered bicycle directions as well as transit directions with up-to-date train and bus schedules in most major cities.

But never fear, iPhone-and-transit users: OnAir is here to help. In an upcoming post, we’ll list our favorite third-party apps for transit and bicycling. For now, points go to Google for facilitating easy directions for clean commuters.

And let’s hope that Apple can get it right with their first iOS6 update. Until then, stay tuned!

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