Asthma and Air Pollution Go Hand in Hand

What pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘asthma’? Is it a grandma, struggling to catch her breath, chasing after her grandkids?

What if I told you that as of 2010, 22 million Americans were affected by asthma (according to Environmental Defense Fund)? They can’t all be elderly people, right?

There really is no distinct category of asthmatics; nowadays the disease is no stranger to people of all races and ages, dictating their daily routines. Asthma is clearly turning into an epidemic, sweeping through our planet on the wings of air pollution. Picture yourself coughing and sneezing constantly as if you had a cold that just won’t go away. Or- imagine having to carry tons of medication with you at all times to soothe your symptoms, and being forced to follow weekly air pollution reports to see if you can even step outside without worsening your condition.

Asthma and the entire family of respiratory diseases are no longer a distant threat. Are you willing to let you and your children’s future hang in the air because you did nothing when you had a chance to change everything?

You can start at home by monitoring your family’s energy consumption. Or, join your mom on her shopping trip and ask her to buy reusable products with less packaging. And as exciting as driving may be, plan your trips. It will help the environment, make you feel good about being actively involved in solving this issue, and save your family quite a few extra bucks.

Step up and dictate your future! Let’s tackle air pollution today and do everything we can to eliminate our chances of suffering from asthma!

Do you know anyone affected by asthma? Or, do you battle the condition yourself? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can work together to improve the outside factors that cause it.

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