Atlanta’s “emerald necklace”

If you live in the Atlanta area you’ve heard of the BeltLine: the 22 mile loop around the city that’s slowly, but surely getting more and more green.


It wasn’t always like that though. Before Ryan Gravel introduced the idea of the Atlanta BeltLine in his thesis, the areas were abandoned, full of litter and graffiti and overrun with kudzu and weeds. In the years after Gravel’s thesis that scene of chaos is slowly but surely turning into this:


What exactly has this giant green beltway done for Atlanta? Shops that have sprung up along the path have boosted the local economy and turned abandoned areas into places where community members can meet and, well, communicate.

And the giant reflecting pool in Old Fourth Ward isn’t just a pretty place to relax. It doubles as a storm water filtration facility and ends up saving Atlantans $15 million.


So really, the benefits to a green space in the city don’t stop at just cleaner air and a place for kids to play. The rewards are endless!

Want to know more about the BeltLine? Visit their website and check out how you can get involved.



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