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Save Time, Money, and the Environment by Carpooling

Do you and your friends all drive to school? Here’s a thought—carpool! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, if you carpool with four friends, you will be emitting 200 fewer pounds of pollution per week, assuming an average ten mile trip per person—or even more if you travel farther!

Have you ever run out of cash by the weekend because you had to gas up your car during the week? According to the American Automobile Association, it costs an average of $13.10 a week to drive a car, assuming the same ten-mile per day trip. So if you and four friends were to alternate driving each day, you would save $10.48 a week—that’s the cost of a movie ticket to the latest blockbuster hit!

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and missed the homeroom bell because of it? Carpooling can help with this stressful situation, too. Fewer cars on the road will lead to less traffic and congestion, which means you can make it school on time.

Talk to your friends and try to coordinate a carpooling schedule—you can even visit The Clean Air Campaign website to help you get started!

What’s your take on carpooling? Do you carpool now? If not, would you consider it?