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Skateboards in Afghanistan

Can we just take a moment to take all of this in?

At OnAir, we love skateboards because (just like bikes) they’re a people-powered mode of transportation that create no pollution to use. Like,  AT ALL.

For a country like Afghanistan that has had its problems over the past few decades, it may be safe to say that green solutions aren’t exactly top priority. However, when we see how skateboarding has caught on in these photographs (especially among girls–YAY), it reminds us of how innovative and important alternative forms of transportation are.

The skateboards are not only a convenient use of transportation, but they’re also friendly to the air. They eradicate the use of a car for these young girls to transport themselves, and it also gives them the flexibility of going wherever they need to go. Cultural stigmas aside, this is AWESOME. And green. And we love it.

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Source: http://afghanistaninphotos.tumblr.com/post/65115903753/spank-fail-recovery

6 Cool Things About a Customized Bus Route

We’ve heard plenty of excuses before–people just don’t want to ride the bus. And as transit riders, we understand your pain, too.

We know.

In Helsinki, Finland, they have come out with a new bus program called Kutsuplus, and it essentially does all of the things that you complain about regarding your bus commute.


1. It’s a personal service as opposed a set schedule with set routes.

2. You can install an app that lets you set your pickup and drop-off location.

3. It’s much more inexpensive than similar services we have here in the United States because it’s a bus, not a cab or a black car like they use for Uber.

4. It’s calculated the same way taxis calculate fees, per kilometer or mile. Which actually makes a lot of sense, and can ultimately save you money.

5. There’s space available for your bike, your stroller, etc.

That feeling when you can stretch out your legs. ^^ Yep.

6. Free WiFi.


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Source: http://www.treehugger.com/public-transportation/newest-city-mobility-bus-goes-where-you-want-it.html

Cows, gas, and the environment–and what can be done.

So Fly: Cow Butts

Awww. Cows. Sweet-natured mammals that just eat grass (well, they SHOULD just be eating grass). But there is a harsh truth with these mother-vibing-creatures: their farts are polluting the planet.

Yeah, I said it. I know. And I’m sorry. Okay not really, it’s pretty funny. #sorrynotsorry

It was estimated in 2006 that 14.5% of greenhouse emissions came livestock emissions. (“Emissions” is a nice way of saying “farts”.) Think I’m lying? Here’s the report.

Apparently cows belch and fart…a lot.

latimes.com  “Hey can I come to your party?” “….no. I’m sorry.” #sorrynotsorry

And yeah, cattle ranching is a huge industry in this country. So it’s not likely we’ll be reducing the number of cows out there any time soon. But before you argue that this whole thing is a “moooooooooooot” point (#sorrynotsorry), read on–THERE IS HOPE.

Greenhouse emissions can be reduced by up to 30%. How, you may ask? Here is the quote from the FAO: “Wider adoption of existing best practices and technologies in feeding, health and husbandry, and manure management — as well as greater use of currently underutilized technologies such as biogas generators and energy-saving devices — could help the global livestock sector cut its outputs of global warming gases as much as 30 percent by becoming more efficient and reducing energy waste.”

Translation: If we make a little more effort to keep cows healthy, scoop their poop out of the way, and switch to energy-saving machines, cows hurting the climate can become less of a thing.


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Source: http://grist.org/news/cow-farts-still-stink-up-the-climate-but-relief-is-possible/

Armless cycling. Yeah, it’s a thing.

So when people say that they can’t bike because they’re tired, that they don’t have time, that it’s too complicated toarrange…yeah, they should take a look at this guy.

Yes, what you see is accurate. He has no arms.

Michael Trimble is a 27 year old from Pittsburgh, and he was born without arms. That definity makes him an individual. But here’s the kicker: he’s also an avid cyclist.

Growing up, Trimble developed extreme dexterity in his feet and legs, but he was still limited from a lot of tasks we take for granted–you know, like riding a bike. But when he was a teenager, his gym teacher adjusted a bicycle specifically for his physique.

Safe to say he was hooked.

A few years down the line, a friend of Michael’s put him in touch with Michael Brown, who is in charge of Maestro Frameworks in Pittsburgh. He designed this custom made bike for Trimble, and he’s happier than ever.

Aren’t you hooked now, too?? We are, for sure.

OnAir: And you know the best place to channel that new enthusiasm? Teen Bike Challenge 2013! www.blogonair.org/bikechallenge

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Source: http://www.treehugger.com/bikes/custom-built-bike-lets-armless-cycling-enthusiast-ride.html

Bike gear a la cartoon

The more we grow up and “adult” we become, you’d expect us to stop messing with toys and anything to do with our youth. But do we? Do we ever?



So it’s not surprising that we’re all about this bike contraption:

Why is this so cool? WHY.

What you’re looking at is a stream of LED lights that fit onto bike wheels, letting you upload graphics/animations. And the result is pretty fantastic. It’s the ultimate cyclist self-expression.

Sure, you could shell out for a new outfit or a handful of flashy apps for your phone. OR–you could put sweet light-up graphics on your bike wheels and pedal your way to notoriety.

We feel like the choice is pretty simple, actually.

OnAir: Speaking of bikes, have you entered the Teen Bike Challenge yet?. It has been launched, my friends.

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Source: http://grist.org/list/worlds-coolest-bike-lights-turn-your-wheels-into-lightning-flames-or-cartoon-animals/

Did they really just upcycle another bus?

Okay, it’s really not that surprising, actually. We’ve seen buses decked out rooftop gardens, bus parts being used for a variety of things, etc.

But how about a bus being upcycled into a living space?

Quaint, right?

Two women in Even Yehuda, Israel, decided to upcycle an old, run-down bus into this cute, minimalist living space. This is incredibly important as the housing situation for Israel isn’t exactly the most efficient or accessible. Ever since 2011, there have been protests in regard to the rising cost of living.

All of which makes bus living even more attractive. Especially when it’s so beautifully designed. Check it out.

Yeah, okay. This looks nicer than my house. Whatever. It’s cool, it’s fine.

Tell me what you guys think!

Source: http://www.treehugger.com/interior-design/tali-shaul-and-hagit-morevski-convert-public-bus-into-house.html