Leaf Fuel

For the past two weeks, I had a science project on biochemistry!

Discussing with my dad, he stated anything “bio” he knew. He mentioned biofuel, which interested me, so I Googled it. I searched to find out that there are actually scientists who research and try to create healthier environment since the current one is not that safe to live in.

One assignment that dragged me was the Leaf fuel. Of course, when one hears it, the first thing that comes to mind is: “THEY ARE CREATING FUEL OUT OF LEAVES?” So let me rephrase that. The scientists are working on a leaf that is actually genetically engineered to capture much as photosynthesis as possible to create energy which later turns into fuel.

Cool, isn’t it? Although, there are a few questions I wonder, what will be the price? Will there be consequences behind this? How long will it take?

For more info: http://www.planet-science.com/categories/over-11s/natural-world/2012/03/leaf-fuel-could-help-save-planet.aspx

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Water and Air Pollution

One might think air pollution is different than water pollution, but that person doesn’t realize that everything in the world is correlated.

First, let’s see what air pollution REALLY means. According to Princeton worldwide net, it defines air pollution as pollution in the air. Meaning, the greenhouse gases released by the machines go in the atmosphere.

So then what happens? The gasses actually condense like oxygen, and then become clouds. As the cloud gets heavier, it starts raining. The rain is not just water, but it is mixed with the gasses. Finally, the rainfall which is contaminated goes into water bodies which contaminate the whole area.

See how it is related? One problem causes the other which causes another whole different problem.

Which should we work on first? Air or water pollution?

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