Baby steps.

You would think that with us being on summer vacation, more and more people will use their bikes, walk, use public transit, pogo sticks, whatever tickles your fancy. But no. We still see people blasting their air conditioning (oh goodness, the emissions) and wasting all of that gas and making our air all gross. We don’t need that smog.

So, we have a way to motivate you to start biking instead, through cute illustrations of what could potentially be you!

It’s all in the small steps…think about how it will be when you’re going to start driving, if you haven’t already!

For the record, biking is way easier than ALL OF THESE.

We promise, it’s not horrible at all. This is an example of like…one of those go hard or go home situations.

But look at how happy she is! SEE!? It’s easy! And convenient.

Have any of you guys taken on biking as your main mode of transportation? Have any funny stories to accompany it? Let us know in a comment below!


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