Bike gear a la cartoon

The more we grow up and “adult” we become, you’d expect us to stop messing with toys and anything to do with our youth. But do we? Do we ever?


So it’s not surprising that we’re all about this bike contraption:

Why is this so cool? WHY.

What you’re looking at is a stream of LED lights that fit onto bike wheels, letting you upload graphics/animations. And the result is pretty fantastic. It’s the ultimate cyclist self-expression.

Sure, you could shell out for a new outfit or a handful of flashy apps for your phone. OR–you could put sweet light-up graphics on your bike wheels and pedal your way to notoriety.

We feel like the choice is pretty simple, actually.

OnAir: Speaking of bikes, have you entered the Teen Bike Challenge yet?. It has been launched, my friends.

Want to share other types of awesome bike gear with us? Share it with us in a comment below!


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