Got wheels? Bike to School Day is May 9!

It’s May, which means summer’s around the corner. In other words, the weather is no longer an excuse to leave those bikes in the garage. Wheel them out, dust them off, and participate in National Bike Month!

Organized by the League of American Bicyclists and partnered with the National Center for Safe Routes to School, National Bike Month includes National Bike to School Day, which is this Wednesday, May 9. That means that students all over the country will be biking to school, and you should totally be one of them.

If you live within pedaling distance of your school, biking can be easier than you think—just hop on and go! (But make sure you’ve got air in the tires. And a helmet. Seriously.)

And don’t be afraid to scout the neighborhood for bike buddies. Not sure where to start? Try these tips:

  • Meet up. Consider holding a meeting at school or in your community to find other teens in your area that could walk or bike with you to school.
  • Get details. Consider questions like these: Are there sidewalks? Any dangerous road crossings? How many are already walking or biking to school? Learning this type of information will help in getting you the tools you need to create safe routes.
  • Find A Route. Once you’ve got some good information, start mapping potential routes. Try getting some people together to walk or bike the route during free time. You can use map tools like Map-a-Route, Ride the City or even Google Maps to help plan your bike route.   
  • Finalize the Plan. Figure out who will be participating and when. Decide how often the routes will be used, who you’ll travel with, etc.

Register for National Bike to School Day here to stay connected to everyone else who will be biking on May 9. And remember, it’s National Bike Month for the entire month of May, so once you’re rolling, don’t stop! Try to bike to school throughout the rest of the month—see how many miles you can log!

And don’t forget to log your biking or walking in AirCreds for points and prizes!


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