Biking for love.

Okay, so this post is so romantic it’s almost gross.

Just kidding; it’s actually incredibly beautiful. And it involves our favorite thing:


Snuggle up children, because this is definitely a story that will make you go “awwww”. Maybe it will even bring tears to your eyes. And also, we hope it inspires you to bike.

Once upon a time there was a man named Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, or P.K. Today, he is a brilliant artist, but this story dates back to when he was still in art school. He fell in love with a woman from Sweden by the name of Charlotte von Sledvin, and their story of love is pretty sweet. Click here to read about how they met.

©P.K. Mahanandia

They decided to marry, and Charlotte had to return to Sweden. She offered him a plane ticket, but he politely refused, stating he would make arrangements to get to Sweden on his own.

When it was time for him to go to Sweden, P.K. quickly realized that he had no means to get there. So what did he do? Inspired by hippies that backpacked and biked all the way to India, he decided to do that for himself. That is, ride a bike. From India. To Sweden.

How’d he do it? He sold all of his belongings, which brought in about 1,200 rupees, and then bought a secondhand bike and started pedaling. His trek to Sweden took just under five months. Just let that sink in a little. Talk about minimalist lifestyle, right?

What is our take-away here? Sure, P.K. left his country to go be with the love of his life, but he had turned down her offer for a plane ticket. He said no to a gas-guzzler, which is what makes P.K. so inspiring (to us, anyway). Now we aren’t saying to drop everything and run off to Sweden, but it is a great example that it is possible to have a minimalist lifestyle and bike where you need to go. P.K. biked for love — would you bike for your love for the earth? Especially if it’s just a mile or less?

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