OnAir Blogger Challenge

Dust off your thinking caps, OnAir–it’s the 2014 Blogger Challenge!

What it is: A challenge to get you blogging for clean air. Add your voice to the movement!

How you enter: First, create an OnAir profile. Then click Write Blog Post up there in the top right corner of your screen and then give us a short blog answering the prompt below. Rather answer with a photo or video post? Do it. Everything’s on the table.

“What rule would make your school greener? Describe your ideas in detail.”


What you win: Fame and fortune, natch. Well, more specifically…

  • A $100 Amazon gift card
  • Your blog featured on all of The Clean Air Campaign’s social media channels–reaching thousands of social media users in Georgia and beyond!
  • A guaranteed spot on our upcoming Youth Advisory Council–giving you the chance to dig in and design OnAir’s message from the inside.

All entries must be submitted by April 30 at 11:59 p.m.  Then, keep an eye on the blog this spring!  Our judges will post the finalists here and on all our social media channels, and this is where we’ll announce the winner!

Get involved: Invite us to do a Blogathon!

Want to get your classmates blogging en masse? Host an OnAir Blogathon at your school!

How it works:

  1. We come to your school and take over a class period (preferably in your school’s computer lab or media center).
  2. We do a quick blogging workshop with you and your classmates.
  3. We set the clock and give you the prompt–and you write while the clock’s ticking!

At the end of the Blogathon, everyone enters their post into the challenge as-is. It’s fast, dirty, and competitive–and we’ve found that you guys can get really creative under pressure. Sound like a challenge you’re up for? E-mail LCarter@cleanaircampaign.org to request a Blogathon for your school!


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