Transit on the Silver Screen

We love a good movie around here…almost as we love buses and trains! As you know, riding transit gets cars off the road, which reduces air pollution – and that’s awesome.

So, being transit nerds, we naturally make a mental note when we see clean commuting on the big screen. Here’s handful of our favorite clips featuring public transportation:

An action-packed commute for these riders in Spiderman 2:

Angst-ridden subway daydreaming in Across the Universe:

Jamal and Salim take train riding to another level in this scene from Slumdog Millionaire:

Inspiration to burst into song on your next subway ride: Rent.


Napoleon Dynamite: Gosh!

Almost Famous, showcasing the classic traveling sing-along:

(And just since it never goes without saying, we’ll say it now: We don’t claim rights to any of these videos. Those belong to their respective studios and production companies. We’re just link scavengers over here.)

What are your favorite movies? Have they got any good transit scenes? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to log your bus and train riding in AirCreds for points and prizes!


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