5 Awesome Things About the iPhone Solar Charger

Is that an iPhone case, you ask?

Why, yes. Yes it is. And what does this iPhone case do? Oh, just charges your phone with solar power, that’s what.

And while that pretty much speaks for itself, here are a few other awesome facts things about it:

1. You can essentially charge from anywhere (anywhere that’s not pitch black, that is). It can unchain you from the wall outlet.

2. Which means you can go anywhere–and do just about anything–without losing power.


3. Not to mention that it doubles the battery life of your phone.

4. No iPhone? No problem–they make them for other brands, too.

5. Also, because the solar charger is a part of the case (and not a separate attachment), it’s compact and can work on the go. #win

Would you purchase this for your phone? Tell us what you think in a comment below!

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A flourishing relationship on bikes.

Aw, look at this cute couple biking together. Wait, why do they have all those bags? Like they’re ready to take on the freaking world?

That’s because they don’t just bike for hobby. It’s their lifestyle.

Behold, the Oguchi couple. This couple has been biking around the world for the past five years, logging over 60,000 miles in the process. And they did it in 84 countries overall. EIGHTY-FOUR.

Laura Scott from the blog Locals interviewed Ryohei Oguchi (the boyfriend), and what was his reasoning?

It was his dream.

What does his boo think? Well, I can think that’s clear by the picture.

Their next stops include Morocco, south of France, Spain, Ireland, and eventually Latin America.

D’awww, good luck you little scoundrels. :’)

Just goes to show you that a lifestyle involving bikes is extremely possible. We’re not saying drop everything to ride around on your bike (although that would be pretty great), but if these guys can go place to place on bike, then so can you.

Thoughts/opinions? Inspired yet? Share with us below!

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More workout, less energy. And we’re all for it.

So I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the rage about this new type of workout called CrossFit. There is a very hardcore regimen involved, and it’s supposed to give you incredible results.

It also has a no-frills approach, where you will often hear “Shut up and train” shouted out, willy nilly, at normal people with feelings and everything.

So why do we kind of like it? Because it’s a green workout, that’s why.

Lots of gyms are packed with electric-powered equipment that uses batteries/electricity. Blasting stereos, arctic-level air conditioning, and large flatscreens in every corner are the norm.

(Seriously, have you ever thought how much ENERGY your workout is using–and not even paying off in burned calories?)

CrossFit gyms tend to have no warmed towel service, no televisions, no air conditioning, and no vending machines. They also typically utilize large, abandoned, industrial buildings instead of multi-level suites. Here at OnAir, we are all for that.

What about you? Have you thought about ways to take energy OUT of your workout? Let us know your ideas in a comment below!

Source: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/crossfit-new-eco-friendly-gym.html

Bike gear a la cartoon

The more we grow up and “adult” we become, you’d expect us to stop messing with toys and anything to do with our youth. But do we? Do we ever?



So it’s not surprising that we’re all about this bike contraption:

Why is this so cool? WHY.

What you’re looking at is a stream of LED lights that fit onto bike wheels, letting you upload graphics/animations. And the result is pretty fantastic. It’s the ultimate cyclist self-expression.

Sure, you could shell out for a new outfit or a handful of flashy apps for your phone. OR–you could put sweet light-up graphics on your bike wheels and pedal your way to notoriety.

We feel like the choice is pretty simple, actually.

OnAir: Speaking of bikes, have you entered the Teen Bike Challenge yet?. It has been launched, my friends.

Want to share other types of awesome bike gear with us? Share it with us in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/list/worlds-coolest-bike-lights-turn-your-wheels-into-lightning-flames-or-cartoon-animals/

Bike-Powered Elevator

Yes, we know what it sounds like initially. Like…why in the world would you have a bike powered elevator when you could just walk up the steps?

Thing is, this isn’t just a normal elevator. It’s an elevator created for a treehouse. SO NO STEPS, Y’ALL. NONE.

When Ethan Schlussler of Idaho was building a treehouse, he got tired of climbing up and down the tree to do work. So naturally he decided that pedaling into open air would be the way to go. We love it.


(Also, maybe don’t try this at home.)

OnAir: Oh, but speaking of bikes…and how they basically solve all of life’s problems…please tell me you’ve signed up for our Teen Bike Challenge. If you haven’t, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD. Click here to learn more and join now!

Thoughts/opinions? I’d love to see what you guys have to say 🙂

Source: http://grist.org/list/bike-powered-treehouse-elevator-is-the-worlds-coolest-way-to-climb-a-tree/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=tweet&utm_campaign=socialflow

Portable libraries.

If you’re anything like me and are obsessed with reading but have a tiny book budget, you frequent the library.

And if you’re driving to all those library visits, you’re wasting a lot of gas. But what if the library could come to you? And what if it could come on a BIKE?

Apparently this has been a thing since 2008. These bike-based libraries are established in cities like Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Tucson. And they are bringing books to the masses, one bike at a time.

The best part? Some of these portable libraries are also WiFi hotspots. Epic.

OH and check this out.



Watch this for some more details on the bike-based libraries in Seattle:


What do you think? Do you think they need to bring this to Atlanta (duh)? Talk to us in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/list/tiny-bike-based-libraries-pedal-books-to-streets-and-parks/

A 2D cop.

Would a cardboard cop deter you from stealing bikes? (Wait, you were considering stealing a bike? Shame on you!)

But seriously, cardboard cop. How intimidating would that even be?

Check it out:

The bike cage in Boston’s subway system is subject to theft (as are several biker-friendly areas), and that’s rather unfortunate. The city of Boston didn’t have enough money to fund a $200,000 police force. So the best alternative? CARDBOARD COP.

This news honestly gives us mixed feelings. It makes us pretty sad that PEOPLE ARE STEALING BIKES. Come on people, seriously! Also, it tells us that bike sharing, as awesome and readily available as it is, still doesn’t meet the bike need enough to make people stop stealing. (Because we prefer to believe that people stealing bikes are people that are just REALLY INTENSE about clean commuting.)

That being said, we do love Cardo-Cop.

What are your opinions on this tidbit of news? Do you think Cardo-Cop is an effective bike guardian? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/list/bikes-in-bostons-subway-are-guarded-by-a-cardboard-cop/

Rooftop Farming – Cool since 1904.

Everyone is super excited about the latest fad: rooftop farming.

It’s really great for people that live in apartments/condos/lofts/anywhere. The concept could even work in suburbia. In fact, we would highly recommend you look into rooftop farming when you guys start dorming or staying in apartments for college. You know, just something to keep in mind.

But what if we told you this has been around since 1904?

VINTAGE. Or…something.

The Ansonia Hotel was operated by W.E.D. Stokes at the time, and he envisioned a sort of Utopian concept for the beautiful building. He wanted it to be self-sufficient, which included the concept of a rooftop farm, with an elevator for the cattle. The farm consisted of 500 chickens, ducks, six goats, and a small bear.

According to sources, this building was the first of its kind — it was air conditioned by freezing brine put into the pipes and had pneumatic tubes connecting each apartment so tenants could deliver messages to staff and other tenants. The building was also made entirely of fireproof materials; the walls were made of terra cotta.

Unfortunately, in 1907 the Department of Health shut down the farm. The animals were sent to Central Park for the rest of their days. Plus, in World War II, copper was stripped from the building to build a variety of artillery.

Would you be into rooftop farming? The owner of the Ansonia Hotel was clearly into self-sustenance which is green in many ways imaginable! Share your thoughts with us on this great concept in a comment below.


Source: http://www.treehugger.com/urban-design/new-york-had-rooftop-farm-1904.html

Hack the planet!

Isn’t this like…the story of our lives?

Nerds for Nature is a new organization (well, unofficially) that brings basic technological tools to nonprofit organizations that work for the environment. According to founders of the organization, they don’t wish to make a profit, nor do they wish to become a company or an activist group — they simply want to help these traditional environmental nonprofits find new ways to promote environmentalism.

What else is so cool about them? On their website they have a map of the closest parks as well as gadgets for the environment, like pollution sensors and infrared heat detectors.

What is so great about these guys? They are promoting an idea that we keep saying over and over! Social media, technology, etc. is extremely important in spreading awareness about the environment, and of course making it more appealing to everyone. Infrared heat detectors are pretty cool right?



What are your thoughts and opinions on an organization like that? Do you think OnAir should reach out to them and have a discussion? Talk to us about it in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/living/code-green-nerds-for-nature-pairs-techies-and-enviros-to-hack-the-planet/

I scream for ice cream and bikes.

So I don’t know about y’all, but I really really really REALLY love ice cream. Oh, but wait, who doesn’t, right? And if you haven’t noticed, I also really love bikes. You know, considering that half of what we post is about bikes. But you know what’s really really great?

Ice cream on bikes!

We have just found out about Ice Cream Jubilee in Washington, D.C., which delivers ice cream right to your door, via bike. So no, it’s not an ice cream truck, as your sugar-induced crazy overwhelms your eye sockets and eardrums clamoring for some crappy ice cream and carbon dioxide filling the air.

Ice Cream Jubilee offers a monthly subscription type plan where you can receive 4 half-pints a month for $25. Yeah, it’s a little pricey. But our hope is that it pays for the poor bicyclists going out of their way to deliver ice cream to your door! Plus, I’d pay for ice cream on bikes.

Omg. ©Ice Cream Jubilee

Know of any other bike services in your city? Tell us about it in a comment below.

Source: http://grist.org/list/ice-cream-delivery-via-bike-means-your-summer-just-got-better/