Why These 2 Schools are the Greenest on Earth

So California, you’re doing a great job…but…Hong Kong and Kenya have the best green schools of all time.

But all jokes aside, these two schools have been named the Greenest Schools on Earth for 2013. Usually, there is only one winner; however the Global Coalition for Green Schools, which is an initiative of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council, simply couldn’t decide. They granted each school $5,000 to continue to work on their sustainability projects.

Say hello to the winners:

Sing Yin Secondary School – Hong Kong

What’s great about this school?

It has an organic farm.

It has two green roofs.

It even has an aquarium.

All classrooms are equipped with solar panel lighting, LED sensors, and motion sensors.

And, last but certainly not least, the school has assigned 100 students to be “green ambassadors” to carry out green initiatives in the community.



Uaso Nyiro Primary School – Kenya

It has a Waterbank School Building, which is made from materials found in the surrounding area and local labor.


The facility stores and filters clean water for its students and the surrounding community.

It even provides protected gardens with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Which includes a courtyard theater and a community workshop where they have gatherings and “environmental theater”.

^ Dead Poet’s Society, Midsummer Night’s Dream reference. Edumacation.

And they did it at a disadvantage — 25% of the community lives on less than $1.25 a day, and it increased school attendance from 70% to 90%. You know what else? The risk of waterborne disease has dropped to zero.

So, yeah. These schools win.

OnAir: Thoughts/opinions? Know how you can make your school a candidate for 2014, or even a winner? Share your insight in a comment below!

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Parking Space = Tiny Park

I think it might be safe to say that parking lots can be wasted space. If you take a step back and really think about it, they’re these huge swatches of land that only get used for one thing. And that one thing is storing the things that keep spouting pollutants into the air. FAIL.

So when we heard about Parking Day 2013, we were all about it. Parking Day is an event that originally took place in San Francisco and spread all over the United States. The idea behind Parking Day 2013 is to turn parking spaces into “public parks” or whatever else would be a better use of space.

Check it out.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

San Francisco – A goat parklet


San Francisco – Free braiding

Phoenix – A bike parklet


No Atlanta representation yet, but that’s all the more reason to have an epic showing for Park Day 2014.

What would your Parking Day park look like? Share your ideas in a comment below!

OnAir: Also, as long as we’re cutting down on parking spaces…you know what super-fun transportation mode doesn’t need a parking lot? BIKING. Join the Teen Bike Challenge today!


Source: http://grist.org/slideshow/park-get-set-go-heres-what-it-looks-like-when-the-weird-and-the-car-free-steal-your-spot/

28 Feet.

Okay seriously, it’s like there is some type of competition going on of who can live in the smallest space. So far, this one definitely takes the cake. I mean, if they can fit it on there…

They call her Lizzy Belle, and she (the boat, that is) was launched off of the coast of Nova Scotia in 1967. The owner, Dave Welsford, always loved building treehouses, forts, etc. So when he restored Lizzy Belle (she couldn’t even float on water then) he thought of it as the perfect opportunity for a new living spaces. Check her out below.





Find anything you think can go lower than 28 feet? Post your suggestions in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/list/this-tiny-boat-is-the-ultimate-tiny-living-space/

Rise of The Great Copenhagen

Looking past the fact that the name of the city would totally be a cool dictator name, Copenhagen is pretty awesome. Why do we say that?

Bikes, of course. AS USUAL.

Stunning, amirite?

According to city officials,Copenhagen sees more bike traffic than any other city in the world. Salud, Copenhagen.

Here are a few more statistics on bicyclists in Copenhagen:

  • Queen Louise’s Bridge sees over 40,000 bikes per day.

  • More than a third of Copenhagen’s population — or 36% — bike to school or work every single day.

  • 75% (HOLY CRAP) of Copenhagen residents ride the bike year-round, no matter the weather (btw, that’s a climate similar to Alaska’s).

  • They love it.

Yep, that’s right. They enjoy biking, and they are incredibly proud of the biking culture that they’re known for. And that’s more than we can say about the bike culture here in the United States. New York, please be an example to all the other states!

What are your thoughts on the bike culture of Copenhagen? Do you think the U.S. will look like this one day? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below.

Source: http://grist.org/cities/spin-cycle-copenhagens-rise-fall-and-rise-again-to-cycling-supremacy/

And we finally have a flying bike.

That’s right, y’all. This is the new flying bike that flies over traffic jams in London.

This is of course, after some failures. Such as…

The Wright Brothers.

Napoleon Dynamite.

This one is a fail because he was an alien. That technology was CLEARLY not taken advantage of, otherwise we would have had it for about 30 years now. -.-

Two London engineers sat down together in a pub and decided to design the best way for a bike to be able to fly over the crazy traffic jams in London, which are dangerous especially for bikers.

Pretty epic, yes we know.

How is this beneficial to the environment? Well, other than the fact that it is a FLYING BIKE, it can last in the air for up to three hours — this is helpful in reducing the amount of people on the roads. It also is helpful that it doesn’t use anything harmful for the air — it’s all manpower.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this thing? Would you get one? Would it be cool to see flying bikes around in the United States? Tell us what you think in a comment below!

Rooftop Farming – Cool since 1904.

Everyone is super excited about the latest fad: rooftop farming.

It’s really great for people that live in apartments/condos/lofts/anywhere. The concept could even work in suburbia. In fact, we would highly recommend you look into rooftop farming when you guys start dorming or staying in apartments for college. You know, just something to keep in mind.

But what if we told you this has been around since 1904?

VINTAGE. Or…something.

The Ansonia Hotel was operated by W.E.D. Stokes at the time, and he envisioned a sort of Utopian concept for the beautiful building. He wanted it to be self-sufficient, which included the concept of a rooftop farm, with an elevator for the cattle. The farm consisted of 500 chickens, ducks, six goats, and a small bear.

According to sources, this building was the first of its kind — it was air conditioned by freezing brine put into the pipes and had pneumatic tubes connecting each apartment so tenants could deliver messages to staff and other tenants. The building was also made entirely of fireproof materials; the walls were made of terra cotta.

Unfortunately, in 1907 the Department of Health shut down the farm. The animals were sent to Central Park for the rest of their days. Plus, in World War II, copper was stripped from the building to build a variety of artillery.

Would you be into rooftop farming? The owner of the Ansonia Hotel was clearly into self-sustenance which is green in many ways imaginable! Share your thoughts with us on this great concept in a comment below.


Source: http://www.treehugger.com/urban-design/new-york-had-rooftop-farm-1904.html

Hack the planet!

Isn’t this like…the story of our lives?

Nerds for Nature is a new organization (well, unofficially) that brings basic technological tools to nonprofit organizations that work for the environment. According to founders of the organization, they don’t wish to make a profit, nor do they wish to become a company or an activist group — they simply want to help these traditional environmental nonprofits find new ways to promote environmentalism.

What else is so cool about them? On their website they have a map of the closest parks as well as gadgets for the environment, like pollution sensors and infrared heat detectors.

What is so great about these guys? They are promoting an idea that we keep saying over and over! Social media, technology, etc. is extremely important in spreading awareness about the environment, and of course making it more appealing to everyone. Infrared heat detectors are pretty cool right?



What are your thoughts and opinions on an organization like that? Do you think OnAir should reach out to them and have a discussion? Talk to us about it in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/living/code-green-nerds-for-nature-pairs-techies-and-enviros-to-hack-the-planet/

Sustainable and tiny living.

When you go green, you hear about all the typical stuff — recycle! Upcycle! TURN OFF THAT FAUCET!

Yeah, pretty typical, right?

But another thing that you should definitely consider is micro-living.


It’s like a doll house. BUT NOT.

This is a hotel called Caravan, which is a tiny house hotel in Portland, Oregon. You get to do things like moving the bedroom stairs before moving into the kitchen. Oh, and the largest home is only 160 square feet.

Yeah, we know. Insane.

And somehow, all of these homes have normal sized beds, showers, etc. Here’s a slideshow of these little houses.

How is this important to being green? Because it takes up less space, it reduces the amount of energy, pollution, and cost involved in having a roof over one’s head. Not to mention this boosts green development in urban areas — the less space living areas take up, the more areas there are to plant trees and parks and other green things.

Would you live in a tiny space? How does this play into your expectations for college? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Source: http://grist.org/list/test-out-micro-living-in-the-first-tiny-house-hotel/

School supply shopping can be green too!

School supply shopping…is so fun. I have no idea why — you’re just buying a bunch of stuff that you PROBABLY won’t even use. They’ll be lying at the bottom of your locker, backpack, your bed, etc. But there is something that is just so wonderful about purchasing new school supplies.


I want AWL OF DAT.

Anyway, here is a lovely list for you all to keep in mind while you shop. Being green should be a top priority for everyone, so we hope this really helps reinforce that.

1. Recycle old printer cartridges – That plastic and e-waste filling up landfills? Not cool. Plus, it’s like $2, so you’re saving a lot of money. Print away, young ones. Well, not too much…that wastes paper…

2. Thrift shop for new clothes – I love this one. Instead of filling up landfills with old clothes (which is a major issue), go to your local thrift store. Plus, ever since Macklemore came out with a song about thrift shopping, it’s actually pretty cool.

3. Buy used books – Because to purchase new ones means more resources being used.

4. Thrift shop for dorm stuff – For those of you going off to college, do you really need that brand new bookcase from Ikea that will probably break anyway? Get a much sturdier (and classier!) one from a thrift store or vintage shop. You’ll also save some money.

5. School supplies are green nowadays – Things like notebooks and printer paper are now recycled. Keep an eye out for these items and be sure to purchase them!

6. Bike to class – This helps the air get cleaner instead of taking your car to campus. ← We obviously like this tip best.

Got any more tips for going back to school the green way? Share them with us in a comment below!

Source: http://www.southeastgreen.com/index.php/seg-features/green-lifestyle/the-greener-life/9229-top-10-things-to-green-your-back-to-school-shopping

Save the trees. Because 4-year olds say so.

I just don’t even know what to do with myself even more.


Like seriously, what is real life?

The letter was written by a classroom of Pre-K students at a school called Mundo Verde (in English: Green World – how appropriate), which is the first green-focused charter school in Washington D.C. Mundo Verde aims to promote environmentalism, sustainability and biliteracy in Spanish and English.

Which means the cutest greenies ever.


Really, I am so done. Too much cuteness.

Give us your reactions in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/list/preschoolers-write-adorable-letter-to-save-the-trees/