Think Twice Before You Exfoliate

Every day starts out the same. You wake up, get out of bed, and then head to the bathroom to get ready for the day. You brush your teeth and then wash your face with your regular face wash, but, wait–did you ever realize that you could be harming the environment?

Yes, I am serious! It’s not even 7am yet and the destruction has begun. It may be in your morning face wash: microbeads. They can be found in products such as Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Biore, Clearasil, and more. You may think they’re just nothing or don’t affect anything but—they do. These small microbeads are harming the environment more than we know it.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “These are minute bits of plastic that have been inserted into everyday products from facial creams to toothpaste, proclaimed in advertising as a healthy advance but which are turbo-charging an already dire problem – the global pollution of oceans, lakes and rivers by cast-off plastic.” After you wash your face or brush your teeth, these microbeads are going down the drain. They are getting released into the environment, all ready broken down, and not filtered by the sewage systems. Microbeads are getting into the ocean, then fish and other sea life are consuming them. Now guess what happens? We eat those fish who are consuming the microbeads! Scientists still don’t know the potential dangers of consuming fish and other species with microbeads in their guts.

The surprising part is that facial scrubs that exfoliate aren’t even that beneficial to you because it breaks down your outer layer of skin that is important. According to Professor Greg Goodman, “Most science dermatologists don’t like exfoliation because the barrier functions of the skin get exfoliated and that’s a negative thing for your skin.” Bottom line is that we need to think twice before we exfoliate with facial washes containing these tiny plastic balls of harm. I don’t think any of you want to consume plastic!