Centennial Olympic Park

The Olympic games are an international tradition that have their roots in Roman times. These games are the world’s linchpin. They are something that connects us all to one another.

Some of you might not know this, or even have been born at the time, but in 1996 Atlanta had the honor or hosting these games. The 1996 Olympic games were highly eventful, and left an impact on Atlanta that can still be experienced today. Probably the most visible impact that was left is Centennial Olympic Park.

This park is probably one of Atlanta’s most active parks. It is constantly putting on concerts, such as “Party in the Park.” It also has fountains to enjoy and cool off in, fields, festivals, an ice skating rink (only in the winter), and it is conveniently located downtown, so you are never in need of a place to go eat.

Centennial is a point of pride for Atlanta. The airport has a mural of it, it is in a lot of our tourism adverts, and it is just generally well-known. This place is totally unique to this city, and is beloved by the population here. The park’s construction was even partially funded by residents who paid to have their names carved onto bricks in the park. It is definitely a great place to go.

Whether you are visiting the city, or have lived here your whole life, Centennial Olympic park is the place to be, especially now. It is a great way to view and experience some of our city’s history, as well as have a good time. In 1996 the whole world saw the park on their televisions. Now it is time to go and visit it in real life.

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OnAir says: You know what else was great about the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta? They prompted a city-wide clean air effort that would become The Clean Air Campaign! And yeah, we kinda like those guys. Click here to learn a little more about how that went down.

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