Clean Air Campaign 101


We talk a lot about improving air quality and reducing air pollution but many of you may wonder why we are motivated to talk about these things.

As Georgia’s population continues to grow, so does the traffic congestion and air quality challenges. The Clean Air Campaign is a not-for- profit organization that empowers Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion. The Clean Air Campaign focuses on both congestion and air quality because they are linked-vehicle emissions are a major contributor to smog formation.

The Clean Air Campaign was launched in 1996 by government , business, civic, health, environmental and educational organizations, after a phenomenon during the Olympics provided a glimpse of what a difference individual actions can make. During the 1996 Olympics, efforts in Atlanta to reduce traffic succeeded in not just reducing congestion, but improving the health of children with asthma. After bringing in more buses and subway cars, and encouraging ride sharing and telecommuting during the Summer Olympic Games, theses actions helped to significantly reduce ground-level ozone pollution, which resulted in considerably lower rates of childhood asthma events for children aged 1-16.

Today in metro Atlanta, The Clean Air Campaign and its partners have reduced 1.4 million vehicle mile and kept 700 tons of pollution out of the air. Our programs and resources have helped save Georgians more than $150 million every year on gas and vehicle expenses. What do you think about the actions The Clean Air Campaign has taken to improve the air we breathe?

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