Cleaning All the Way to the Plastic Bank

Plastic is a problem. There’s no denying its usefulness in our lives, but the material is so strong that it doesn’t completely break down for hundreds of years.



Two Canadian entrepreneurs are looking to clean up the plastic from our Earth—while tackling poverty! It’s all a part of their project, Plastic Bank. They found out that the areas with large amounts of plastic pollution—bags, bottles, wrapping, you name it—are also home to people who live in poverty. So what do you do when there’s not enough money but more than enough plastic?

You make plastic the money, of course. And we’re not talking Monopoly money, we mean that people who take initiative and clean up their community can bring the recyclables to a Plastic Bank location and exchange it for credits to buy the things they really need.

Ideally, there would be a Plastic Bank wherever there was poverty and local businesses would join in by only using recyclables. That’s a start to tackling the littering problem, the poverty problem, and the recycling problem. It’s a plastic revolution!

Do you think Plastic Banks is the way to solve poverty and pollution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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