Did they really just upcycle another bus?

Okay, it’s really not that surprising, actually. We’ve seen buses decked out rooftop gardens, bus parts being used for a variety of things, etc.

But how about a bus being upcycled into a living space?

Quaint, right?

Two women in Even Yehuda, Israel, decided to upcycle an old, run-down bus into this cute, minimalist living space. This is incredibly important as the housing situation for Israel isn’t exactly the most efficient or accessible. Ever since 2011, there have been protests in regard to the rising cost of living.

All of which makes bus living even more attractive. Especially when it’s so beautifully designed. Check it out.

Yeah, okay. This looks nicer than my house. Whatever. It’s cool, it’s fine.

Tell me what you guys think!

Source: http://www.treehugger.com/interior-design/tali-shaul-and-hagit-morevski-convert-public-bus-into-house.html

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