So we totally support public transit. We think it’s a brilliant idea, especially for metro areas. The way we see it, when more people go on public transit, the air gets clearer  because there are fewer cars on the road spitting out pollution.

So YEAH, we love buses.


(How cool would it be to see THAT in Atlanta?)

But do you know what else we love? Gardens!

Plants help clean the air, and growing vegetables in local gardens could potentially cut down on the amount of food that needs to be hauled in on trucks. (And look how pretty!)

So hey, why not put both of those loves together?

DAS RIGHT, double the eco-friendliness!

A Spanish landscape artist by the name of Marc Grañén decided to put these not-so-similar things together. Result: Garden Bus.

They’ve been seen in towns outside Barcelona, but Grañén is now working on a project with a busline within Barcelona metro. So residents will be seeing a lot more of these green buses (lucky them).

What do you guys think of this concept? Is it helpful, or just pretty? Share your thoughts with us in a comment in a below.

Source: http://grist.org/list/these-buses-have-gardens-on-their-roofs/

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