Dumpster Divers

Ever dream of traveling across Europe? Ever consider dumpster diving as a way of feeding yourself while you do so? If so, 25-year-old Baptiste Dubanchet from France is paving the way for your dumpster-diving endeavors.

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Dubanchet is biking 1,900 miles (37 per day) from Paris to Warsaw (beautiful route, we hear) and only feeding himself with the goodies he finds in the trash along the way or whatever is given to him by kind strangers. Surprisingly, feeding himself hasn’t been too much of a struggle.

Or maybe that’s not so surprising when you consider that half the food we produce is thrown away. Half.

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That was our reaction too.

Dubanchet’s “Le Faim du Monde” project (French for “the hunger of the world”) is aimed at educating people about food waste and how it ties in to other problems like poverty, hunger and the environment. The amount of fuel and resources wasted when trucks transport the perfectly good “garbage” to landfills, for example.

So, what do you say? Could you dumpster dive for 1,900 miles? Tell us in the comments!



Source: http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/man-dumpster-dives-across-europe-to-protest-food-waste-baptiste-dubanchet.html

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