Earth’s Second Cousin

You should all have heard by now about NASA’s new discovery using their Kepler Space Telescope- an Earth-like planet 500 light years away. It’s similar to Earth in size (only 10% larger) and orbiting what appears to be a Red-Dwarf star much like our sun. This planet’s temperature is also hypothesized to be “just right for life.”

Part of a system of five, this planet is the farthest from its star, which it orbits every 130 days. According to NASA’s representative, Elisa Quintana, life on this planet would be (at least weather-wise) like living in San Francisco on a cool, foggy Fall day. The distance from the star means every day’s light would be like that of the hour pre-sunset here on Earth.

Like in some Cli-fi and Sci-fi books and movies, there is a romanticism of having other planets like Earth in outer space. As our climate changes, some people suggest we look for new habitable planets. Before this new planet, none of those discovered have been so promising. It’s important, however, to remember that this planet is simply too far away given our present technologies. What its discovery DOES mean, is that there’s a possibility that other planets like Earth exist.

What do you think about the possibility of living on a different planet sometime in the future? Comment below!



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