Fashionably Green

Now…I understand that OnAir’s hometown, Atlanta, isn’t exactly one of the most fashion forward cities in the United States. How can we beautify our city and go green at the same time? Here’s an idea:

H&M has lately been putting forth some absolutely gorgeous pieces at affordable prices so we can all look and feel our best. The best part? They have a new line. And it’s eco-friendly.

The name of this new line is called the Conscious Collection, and according to Pix 11, its prices vary from 34.99 to 299.99. According to the same article, celebrities like Zoe Deschanel and Helen Hunt have been seen wearing pieces from this line to promote going green. And it’s very attractive.

This isn’t H&M’s only technique to go green. They’re also setting up recycling bins in every H&M store to recycle old clothing so textiles don’t fill up landfills. Plus, you get 15% off if you do it. How’s that for giving/getting back?

With incentives like discounts, helping the environment, and looking like a million bucks, how can we say no?


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