Freight Farms

Growing food anywhere you want? Controlling the farm’s environment with your smart phone? That definitely sounds like future farming.

Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara were just two guys who wanted to start a rooftop greenhouse in Boston. But turns out, that’s an expensive business. So instead, they built the idea of Freight Farms—using train freight cars as mini farms. The rest is history.


Here’s how it works: the freights are used as a small, yet transportable area to grow vegetables—like lettuce. Then, Friedman and McNamara sell the freight farms to restaurants, chefs, schools, and food community entrepreneurs. Each farm grows up to 4,500 plants a month!

And the best part, at least for us tech geeks: the entire environment can be controlled with your smart phone—temperature, light, humidity, air circulation and plant nutrients. There’s even a live video feed option if you ever want to watch your veggies grow.

How could your town make use of Freight Farms? Do you think this is the future of farming? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!



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