Full STEAM Ahead!

Recently, an op-ed piece came out in regards to STEM education. You can reference the article here.

It talks about how sure, STEM is super important, but a well rounded education is even more important. So not only do we need STEM, but we also need language arts and social studies too! Not to limit it to those two or to generalize, but that’s why here at OnAir we propose STEAM, where we still have our science, technology, engineering, and math, but we are also including ART.

Why art, you may ask? Well art consists of so many different mediums, such as painting or drawing which is the first thing we think of, but also writing and performance and humanities such as anthropology or sociology. Of course, you get more into that stuff later in college, but according to the article link provided above, people like Mark Zuckerberg benefitted greatly from studying liberal arts, specifically ancient Greek. With the development of Facebook, Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is, “as much psychology and sociology as it is technology”. And how can you argue with that?

Now, all of that being said, this is what we hope to convey through our new Digital Tools, OnAir Schools! There, you can submit all of your STEM ideas through artistic mediums, thus creating STEAM! Check out www.onairschool.org for more information!

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