Future Energy Possibilities

My uncle is a genius and has designed a process which could provide a solution to climate change issues stemming from combustion gas emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

These gases could be processed without separation and converted into products with an economic value and eliminate the associated environmental impact. The process can also affect the negative environmental aspects of combustion emissions from natural gas fired plants, as they are similar to the composition of emissions from coal plants, except for a lower percentage of CO2 content. The process could remove the negative environmental impact in constructing new fossil fuel powered plants, if “clean” technologies are uneconomical in a specific case.

Finally for oil and natural gas producers, the process could increase the value of produced and associated gases generated from conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas sources and where hydraulic fracturing is used. It can convert natural and acidic gases and associated gases with unconventional oil production to higher value hydrocarbon and oxygenated liquids and hydrogen gas without pre-process separation.

This would significantly multiply the per-unit value of the produced gases and act as an offset to production costs. Very scientific, but very exciting for a future energy plan.

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