Getting There Green? Get OnAir.

Is your class or club participating in Get There Green? If so, make sure OnAir is in your toolbox! [What is Get There Green?]

(This year, use our Teen Bike Challenge 2013 as part of your action plan! Read more below.)

How OnAir can support your Get There Green action plan:


  • Track your school’s progress with AirCreds. Are you promoting biking? Walking? Carpooling? Your fellow students can log those actions in AirCreds, and then we can pass their statistics on to you. OnAir makes data collection simpler.
  • Get competitive and get your school involved. AirCreds aren’t just great for data collection; they’re great for competition, too! How about having a school-wide race to the top of the Leaderboard? Or rewarding the most AirCreds-worthy actions in a single week? Get creative with our tool and watch your school’s points total go up!
  • Use the OnAir blog to market your plan. Need a platform to tell your story and push it out to your peers? Meet the OnAir blog. No need to set up a new page–we’ve done it for you! Just post your blogs at OnAir and push the link out to your fellow students. Done.

Anyone in your school can create a profile and start earning AirCreds in just minutes. So when it comes to Get There Green, don’t hold back–get OnAir today!


This October, we’re running a month-long bike challenge for Georgia teens like you. Does your Get There Green action plan promote biking? Would you like it to? Our Teen Bike Challenge is the perfect chance for your to promote clean commuting at your school. Run a school-wide bike campaign, track your classmates’ bike trips, and promote our prizes to get them pedaling? Want to learn more? Click here.

Ready to get started? Create your profile now!

Still got questions? Click here to get in touch with Clean Air Campaign staff.

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