Hack the planet!

Isn’t this like…the story of our lives?

Nerds for Nature is a new organization (well, unofficially) that brings basic technological tools to nonprofit organizations that work for the environment. According to founders of the organization, they don’t wish to make a profit, nor do they wish to become a company or an activist group — they simply want to help these traditional environmental nonprofits find new ways to promote environmentalism.

What else is so cool about them? On their website they have a map of the closest parks as well as gadgets for the environment, like pollution sensors and infrared heat detectors.

What is so great about these guys? They are promoting an idea that we keep saying over and over! Social media, technology, etc. is extremely important in spreading awareness about the environment, and of course making it more appealing to everyone. Infrared heat detectors are pretty cool right?



What are your thoughts and opinions on an organization like that? Do you think OnAir should reach out to them and have a discussion? Talk to us about it in a comment below!

Source: http://grist.org/living/code-green-nerds-for-nature-pairs-techies-and-enviros-to-hack-the-planet/

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