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When it comes to health, what one puts into their bodies determines a lot. Essentially, you are what you eat. This idea resonated with me a lot during my final year in high school. After watching the Food Inc. documentary in my environmental studies class, I decided to educate myself on food, and the lack of real foods, that are still considered food. In my journey, I learned that most of foods that I was purchasing were genetically modified, and the process of making those foods was harmful to the environment. Consequentially, my awareness caused me to change grocery stores, and also my diet.

The benefits from the changes I made in the food I consumed includes great energy, alertness, healthy skin, and an overall improved health. I have made the conscious effort to purchase foods that are organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, and locally produced.

To anyone who wants to embark on a healthy lifestyle and food journey, my first recommendation is that you do your research on brands and foods that are genuine but also work for you, and your budget. The food section on npr.org is a place one can start. There is also a false assumption that organic foods are more expensive—this is not true. Also, there are brands that label themselves as organic and are truly not, so please make the extra effort to find genuine organic brands. Indeed, you will find that there are plenty of substitutes when it comes to grains, fruits, starches and vegetables. Furthermore, organic does not mean healthy, so be aware.

This is what my grocery list generally looks like:
Protein Starch Veggies Fruits/Nuts
Chicken Quinoa Zucchini Apple
Salmon Brown Rice Carrots Mango
Basmati Rice Kale Watermelon
Couscous Arugula Berries
Whole wheat pasta Bell Peppers Almond
Eggplant Sunflower seeds
Broccoli Pomegranate

Take what you may from this, and remember, a good diet leads to good health, which is a most valuable thing. Will you embark on this journey and improve your lifestyle?

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