Have a Green Prom

Prom often turns out to be a magical night of celebration, dancing and looking your best! But, believe it or not, prom night can be quite harmful to the environment. Just think of all the expensive dresses and tuxedos made out of synthetic fibers. Not to mention the amount of hairspray clouding the air.

Here are some ways to make your prom truly memorable – by feeling good about your impact on the environment throughout the entire night!

Dress for Eco-Success

The average prom dress is made with synthetic fibers that use horribly toxic dyes and processing. Consider ordering your dress from a store like Edressme, which specializes in selling dresses made from biodegradable material. Or, save the planet and some money by buying from a consignment shop.  These shops provide the ultimate form of recycling. And purchasing a gently, pre-worn gown helps cut down on the amount of pollution created to make new dress! So, once you wear your prom dress, keeps the cycle going by selling or donating it.

Guys, you’re lucky because tuxedo/suit renting is quite common and also extremely sustainable. But if you’re looking to buy, check out Rawganique, a site that ships 100% organic hemp suits that look like any other suit you could get, but are much more eco-friendly!

Ladies: Go Green with Hair & Makeup

Most makeup, shampoos, and conditioners contain harsh sulfates and alcohol, which are not only damaging to the environment, but also to your hair and skin. If you’re getting your hair done, try to find a salon that uses organic professional products like John Masters Organics or Intelligent Nutrients. Consider a style that could allow you to air dry your hair rather than blow-drying it, and try to use organic styling gels, rather than harmful hairsprays.

And if you really want to take an earth-friendly leap, consider doing your own hair and makeup! EccoBella, SaffronRouge, and Aubrey Organics are all great lines that offer organic hair care and beauty products.

Travel Green

The tradition of riding to prom in a limo is—surprise!—the greenest way to travel to prom! By riding together, you’ll decrease the amount of cars on the road, thus decreasing the amount of emissions in the air! You’ll also save on gas, chauffeur tips, and the rental by having everyone split the cost. Make sure to fill every seat in the limo and try to avoid that gas-guzzling Hummer limo!

Guys, if you’re determined to drive your date solo, consider doing what the eco-chic stars do and drive your date in a hybrid or electric car. Most car rental and chauffeur services offer several different hybrid options.

Throw a Green Prom

On the prom committee? Here’s how to make sure every guest enjoys a more sustainable, earth-friendly prom:

  • Use potted plants as table center pieces that guests can take home. Make sure to use fiber pots for the plants because those are waste-free.
  • For party favors, try ordering from an eco-friendly place like Green Party Goods. They offer biodegradable party hats, balloons, crepe paper, etc!
  • For any non-biodegradable stuff you need at the prom, remember to recycle accordingly! Try to provide plenty of recycle baskets with signs that remind your guests to separate their plastic, paper and aluminum.

Just trying a few of these options from any category will help make a positive air quality and environmental impact on your prom night! Got other ideas? Leave them in the comments!

And don’t forget to log your clean prom activity on AirCreds for points and prizes!

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