Help Desk

Here at OnAir, we love upcycling—especially when it makes learning easier. Things like cardboard boxes converted into backpacks/desks. Yup, that’s a thing now!


Rural area schools in India have a problem—the students there are not given basic supplies, like desks. Having to sit hunched over to write on the floor day in and day out prevents them from learning and participating fully. Not to mention the posture problems!

That’s where Help Desk comes in. The desks are made of cardboard cut into a shape that allows it to fold open into a desk and close into a briefcase-style backpack. Oh yeah, and the cardboard is all used and taken from retail and recycling outlets (*bonus points*).


These desks take as little as 20 cents to make and do wonders to improve the students’ education. You can check out the details on the Help Desk in this video.

What other green ways are there to make school life easier? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.




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