Homeless Homes

What activity cleans up the streets and makes homes for the homeless all in one go? Tiny house building, of course!

via treehugger.com

Gregory Kloehen is a California-based artist known for turning a dumpster into a tiny, lavish home. This year he’s put a twist on his innovation. Using salvaged materials (note the fridge door as a front door in this little home) Kloehen has built tiny homes for the homeless of Oakland.

via treehugger.com

All the homes have wheels for mobility and are full of color to bring in some happiness. For more about the Homeless Homes project, visit their website.

What are some items around the house that could be reused in a tiny home? Tell us your ideas in the comments!


Source: http://www.treehugger.com/tiny-houses/artist-transforms-trash-into-tiny-homes-homeless-gregory-kloehn.html

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