How about that biofuel?

Nowadays, teenagers are making a serious impact on the world. From developing new apps and making millions to inventing new gadgets, and well…also making millions, the youth today are making quite a large footprint.

Well, gadgets and digital media aren’t the only things teenagers are making headway in. Hayden Bush, a 16-year old from Oregon, was able to make biofuel out of a weed called Scotch broom. Hayden attended an international competition in Houston known as the International Sustainable World Science Fair and despite the odds where over 800 students from 51 countries and 38 states attended, he won third place.

Hayden does not want to be a scientist, however. He simply thought of this as a necessity, due to the fact that he is a third-generation dairy farmer in Oregon. The use of corn to create biofuel has heightened, and the supply is low but demand is high. Because of the demand, the prices have skyrocketed. Therefore, Hayden sought for an alternative source. For the full story, click here.

This boils down to how you can contribute to our future, in an environmentally friendly way! What are your ideas? Are there any career choices you guys are considering to create a more sustainable and green future? Let us know in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “How about that biofuel?

  1. This is so inspirational! And it’s also cool how he made something that is a nuisance for lawn owners into something that is useful.

  2. Wow. Thanks for the kind words! It was a really great project that I was able to work on in high school. I am glad I came across this little write up!

    • No, thank you! Thanks for commenting Hayden, we really want to bring attention to students like you that really do something amazing for the environment! Great work.

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