Incentives for Going Green

In these modern times, we have become a bit muddy on the definition of going green and what we as a people should do to help the environment. As of now, just about everything has some sort of label that attaches the idea of being environmentally friendly to being “green”.

In reality, every little bit helps, simple, whether you are using a product that is good for the environment and your wallet, or if you just buying a product that gives partial revenue towards a program that helps an organization for going green.

On that note, here are some monetary notes that could provide you with an incentive for
going green around your house. One major change that all of you can do is simply changing your light bulbs to CFLs, which last longer than regular bulbs and save energy.

Now, when I recommend this, I don’t mean go smash all your bulbs now–just wait till they burn out. Friendly tip: research online the CFL bulbs you are going to buy to figure out if they are soft white or bright white light. It can make a big difference in your house.

Another thing that is happening now is if you surf the web and look on your utility companies’ websites, there are now programs that will reduce your payments to those companies. Basically, they offer you a couple of earth-friendly things to do, and if you so
choose to complete these tasks, they will cut down the costs of your bill and even give you a little payment. Anything to cut the lighting bill, right?

Similarly, for veterans or even active-duty soldiers, there are programs that you can sign
up for at the credit union or your local Veterans Affairs Medical Center that contains similar
programs in which they will pay the veterans to do certain tasks around their house that will promote going green. It would be simple task, such as switching to energy-efficient appliances, using less water on a scheduled basis, what-have-you. So if you know veterans, ask them to look around for such programs and it could end up helping their wallets after all of their service.

These are just some easy tasks to look into to relieve some financial burdens around
your house. I am not saying you have to be gung-ho and commit to all these changes or even pester your family and friends, but just remember we all have to pitch in to help our
environment because we all share it together.

OnAir says:  You know what other green choice pays off? Carpooling! Riding with a friend cuts the amount of car pollution going into the air—and cuts the amount of gas you have to buy. Plus, once you’re out of school and on the job, you can earn cash from The Clean Air Campaign for taking alternative transportation to work. Yes, cash. Not too shabby.

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